Finish Electrical

Electrical Outlet – part of Finish Electrical

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The Finish Electrical work can be done anytime after the drywall, tape, mud and texture.  Usually the walls will be primed and painted the final color prior to the finish electrical work as well.

Finish Electrical

The last electrical work that was done was the Rough Electrical which entails running all the wires, installing the outlet and switch boxes and recessed light fixtures.  At some point the next step for the electrical is for the finish electrical.  This entails installing the outlets, light switches, trim around recessed lights, ceiling fans as well as switch plates.  The finish electrical work goes quick and usually everything is installed without any issues.
The finish electrical can be done by an electrician or any of the workers who has some experience with this type of work.  The trim and plugs and switches should only be installed after the mud, tile work, texture, painting and other messy work.  If the finish electrical is installed before the messy work it is likely that the outlet and plugs etc will get damaged or stained and have to be replaced.
After the final electrical is complete check the function of all the switches, check the outlets to ensure they are powered.  All fixtures and trims should be straight and level and free from damage or stains.  If you find any issue create a punch list and review it with the contractor or your DIY spouse to ensure the items are taken care of before the project is finished.

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