Rough Plumbing

Rough Plumbing

Step # 61 in the Kitchen Remodel Planner

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An exciting part of any kitchen remodel is when you can use the sink – today is the day! With the countertops installed and the backsplash complete it is time to put in the rest of the plumbing fixtures.  The sinks are often integrated with the countertops or installed at the same time as the countertops but all the plumbing still needs to be hooked up and the faucets installed.

Finish plumbing

Under the counter and inside cabinets a lot of plumbing work still needs to be hooked up.  The faucets and soap dispenser and water dispenser can now all be connected.  The garbage disposal can be installed and the water line for the icemaker can be connected.  This is a good time to carefully inspect these plumbing fixture since you will be living with them for a long time!  Ensure they function properly, are the same model that you specified and are free from damage and scratches, etc.  If you find anything that needs attention add it to the Punch List for your remodel to ensure it gets resolved before the big day – when your remodel is complete.

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