attic storage

Photo by Molly Stevens

You can create a very cozy space by finishing you attic. If you need an additional bedroom or a quiet den or a homework room for the kids, the attic can provide the perfect space. This will cost far less than adding onto your home. It is very important that you check the structure and supports for the attic to be certain it will support the amount of weight it must bear as a finished room. You will need to plan to work with the slope of the roof in your design. Consider working with the slope in some creative ways. Adding dormer windows is one way to make more of the space usable. If the structure will support bookshelves, build them into the low walls at the lowest point of the ceiling. If the extra room is for a child’s bedroom, consider building storage for games and toys. You can also plan for flexibility in a finished attic room by installing shelving with adjustable shelves and removable doors, or doors with glass panels. Our Attic Remodeling Workbook will help you with your remodeling plans.  Click here to order a copy.