Fireplace remodels are hot – very popular — because they can completely change the appearance and the feeling created in a room.  Some fireplace remodels involve a complete transformation of the entire fireplace, while others involve only minor changes and enhancements to make them more efficient or easier to maintain.  Whatever may be the goal, fireplace remodels are being done across the country. 

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A Fireplace Remodel

Many people are choosing factory-built fireplace remodels because of the lower cost and easy installation. Factory-built fireplaces also operate at high efficiency. Some are even equipped with additional vents and fans that blow heat from the fire into other rooms of the house. 


Factory-built fireplaces can burn wood, gas or electricity. The fuel they burn determines how the chimney is built or if a chimney is needed at all.  Fireplaces that burn wood or high-output gas need a tall chimney that vents through the roof. The chimney must have a double walled flue. 


Fireplace remodels using Factory Built fireplaces that burn gas (natural gas or propane) burn far more Contractor Selection Workbookefficiently than wood and can actually be vented through a wall. These fireplaces do not require a chimney. Gas logs now look very realistic and burn very efficiently.  This is one reason they are a good choice for fireplace remodels. These fireplaces burn cleanly (good for the environment), start very easily, and eliminate the work and the mess of keeping and bringing in firewood.  Gas-burning factory-built fireplaces need a gas line, and this can be installed very easily by a qualified plumber. 


Many new homes are built with fireplaces suited for both burning wood and installation of gas logs. When burning wood, the gas line can be used as an instant fire starter.  These give homeowners the choice between wood-burning and gas-burning options. 


Electric factory-built fireplaces offer another option when planning fireplace remodels. These fireplaces simply plug in to an electrical outlet and need no venting. The fire will look much less realistic, and the unit will provide heat in the same way as an electric heater. 


Some factory-built fireplaces simply fit into the existing firebox.  Once the new fireplace is installed, fireplace remodels can be focused on the surround as part of the décor of the room.  Whether the goal is a small cozy fire in a master suite or a large roaring fire in the family room, a factory-built fireplace might be the right choice for your project.


If you are adding a new fireplace to your home as part of a larger remodeling plan a factory-built fireplace can still be the option for your needs.  You will save a bundle on construction and installation cost, you will save money over the long run by having a more efficiently burning and venting fireplace, and you can choose the type of fire you want for a specific room of your home.

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