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The last major part of your project is the flooring.  Flooring is installed last in many remodels and home additions to ensure it is not damaged during an construction.  If you are refinishing your existing floor it should have been protected during construction with Ram Board or equivalent.  Ram Board is a cardboard material that is specially designed to protect flooring during construction and it does a remarkably good job!


Floor Installation

If you are having tile, stone or unfinished hardwood installed it will likely take a few days to a week or more for the floor to be installed and finished and ready for you to start moving in.  If the flooring is prefinished wood, engineered materials, carpet, vinyl or linoleum installation will likely be in just one day.


Take extra care to ensure you get the right sealers and finishes on your tile, stone and hardwood floors.  Floors take a lot of abuse and grout can be easily stained and poor quality finishes on hardwood can wear off or flake in just a few months.  Ensuring your contractor takes the necessary steps to finish your floor the right way for years and years of trouble free use is important and now is the time to make sure it is done right.