Altering the covering on your floor is a popular home improvement project. Flooring is simple to replace if you are using coverings that are similar to what you’ve got. For example, when the carpeting becomes tired and flat, homeowners often replace it with more carpeting. There are ways, however, to be more imaginative about the flooring options you choose that can really spruce up a room.Carpet is an excellent option for many rooms in your home, except perhaps the kitchen, laundry rooms and bath. Carpet comes in a large selection of textures, colors, prices, and designs. It is simple and quick to put in. On the other hand, there are many other flooring options that will help to change the room’s character.
Excellent choices include laminated wood flooring (also referred to as engineered wood floors) and hardwood floors. When you put in hardwood floors, you are installing wooden planks, which are finished and often coated with a material to protect the wood. Laminated wood flooring is created by taking three to five segments of hardwood and gluing them together.  Laminate floors have a fiber core with a printed layer attached and a melamine coating. They can be made to look like stone, slate, or wooden planks. This kind of flooring is great in any room and is an excellent option for the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. Laminate flooring is also used in bar areas, play rooms and basements.
Other excellent choices for places where water might be a problem are sheet vinyl or linoleum. Homeowners can install these themselves and the surfaces are simple to clean and maintain. They are also water resistant. The materials come in a wide range of patterns and colors, including patterns that look like natural materials. When you are planning an economical change, consider installing such flooring material in your home.
Another choice is stone tile or natural stone in rooms that are large or serve as accent areas. Stones like limestone, granite, and slate are great options in homes where either a rustic design or an elegant touch is needed. If you choose just the right stone type, you can completely change the room. Adding stone is a popular home remodel idea. One option is a natural finish stone placed around a fireplace or inside an entrance foyer. The color of the stone is dependent upon where the rock came from.
One can consider an engineered stone tile as well. It is created by binding stone chips and powder. One of the most common varieties of this is quartz. Such engineered stone tile comes in colors similar to solid stone products, while and a few come in colors that are manmade.
Another option is ceramic tile. This option works for both floors and walls. It is an excellent choice in areas where there is heavy traffic or in rooms where water could be a problem. Maintenance and cleaning are easy.
There are some newer ideas on the market that homeowners are flocking to. Some of these include bamboo or cork, or reclaimed hardwood from antique sources. All are considered environmentally friendly.  Bamboo and cork are come from renewable sources and antique hardwood has been reclaimed. The all create a durable and unique option for floors and walls.
New flooring is an excellent choice for a simple home improvement. When you take care to choose the right material, texture, color, and pattern, you can truly refresh a room that would otherwise look bland.