Get Quotes from Remodeling Contractors

Get Quotes from Remodeling Contractors

Step # 29 in the Kitchen Remodel Planner

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After conducting all your initial interviews, decide which ones meet your requirements and then get quotes from remodeling contractors. .  You want to accomplish several things during this request for quotation step; you want to get an accurate quotation for the work and learn more about the contractor and the way they conduct their business.

You will have the best results if you give each contractor a detailed description of what you want done, the materials that should be used and any special project requirements.  A list of common notes to include in your request for quote is below.

In response you will receive a variety of quote styles.  The quotes can run the spectrum from an email or verbal quote that says “I can do it for $20,000” to a full presentation package with sales literature, product information, references, etc. etc.   While receiving thorough information in a quotation is very helpful – do not let the presentation of the information sway your decision too much.  How the quote is presented is not necessarily a representation of how the work in your home will be done.  Some great craftsman and contractors choose to give estimates like “I will remodel your kitchen for $20,000” because they choose not to spend the time and money preparing a full packet of information.  Likewise a company may have a great sales and marketing team that has an extensive quote package but the workers who end up coming to your home could be poorly trained and unmotivated.

Get Quotes from Remodeling Contractors

What to include in your request for quotes from remodeling contractors

A summary of the project

A list of all the items to be replaced and a list of items that will stay. For example: “Replace vinyl flooring with tile”  is good but better is to have the materials specified “Replace vinyl floor with Cabot Porcelain Tile – Redwood Series with matching epoxy grout”  This added detail will enable the contractor to give you a more accurate quote and you will save yourself a lot of stress by having many of these details decided early.

The list of items to be replaced / included need to be as detailed as possible.  Include if possible the flooring, baseboard, wall texture, wall color, door and window trim, window and door style and mfg, cabinet design, color and door pulls, appliances, countertop. light fixtures, molding etc. etc.  You will need to make all these decisions eventually so make them early in the process to avoid headaches later in the process.