Bathroom remodel remodeling costs

Photo from Solarnovo

by Dan Fritschen

When setting up a bathroom remodeling project, it is very important for you to know the average costs as this will help you with your design and budget. To get average costs, you could call local contractors or your local home builders association. You could also find a few estimates on the Internet. It is also vital for you to fully understand the factors which could make your remodeling project exceed the estimates and average costs you find. Here are some details on how average costs and project estimates are calculated:

There are three categories in which average bathroom remodeling costs are usually calculated: custom or up-scale, average, and economy.

  • A remodeling project for a custom or up-scale bathroom is set to use materials of higher quality, including new plumbing fixtures. This type of project will also use  custom cabinetry. Specialty and luxury items like a spa tub or a tall shower could come with other extra comfort features.
  • A remodeling project for an average bathroom will likely use materials of standard quality and deal with workmanship of standard quality as well. It will also have little extra detail. The project might also use new plumbing fixtures, but these are likely to stay in the same location.
  • A remodeling project for an economy bathroom does not usually involve changes to the plumbing fixtures. Instead, cosmetic changes are more likely. The materials involved may be at the economy level.

There are a number of other factors that affect your actual bathroom remodeling costs which are not usually considered in average cost calculations.

  • Your personal contribution. For example, you may consider designing the project yourself instead of getting an architect to do it for you, or you might also have your contractor assist with the design. You could also manage the project single handedly, so a general contractor would no longer be needed. Certainly, these factors will have great effects and impacts on your remodeling costs.
  • Where you reside. You should realize that material and labor costs vary, depending on the state you live in. This is one of the very important factors in determining the cost of your remodeling job. This factor could differ from the national average by up to 20%.
  • Season of the year. The time of the year could affect the total remodeling costs of your bathroom by up to 15% if you are able to schedule the project on a contractor’s slow period.

Getting an average remodeling cost could help you decide if you will remodel or not. When the issue comes to budgeting, it will be wiser to get a preliminary estimate from a certified contractor. The people who could give you such preliminary estimate are your local contractor or your place’s local builders association.

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