Bathroom addition photo by Lindsay Grant

by Dan Fritschen

Over the last couple of decades the kitchen was the focal point for many home buyers. However, today the home’s bathrooms are receiving more attention. Homeowners love their bathrooms and are spending much more money on making them luxurious, relaxing havens. Many homes now come with multiple bathrooms as standard; the master bathroom, the kids’ bathroom, guest bathroom and possibly a bathroom equipped for seniors or those with mobility issues.

This means that your bathrooms must look their best and offer a little something extra to potential buyers of your home. If you can afford to add several simple items to your bathroom then it’s best do so in an extremely competitive housing market. Great additions in the bathroom add comfort, style and convenience to your life – in addition to the appreciation of the home’s value. But before you make any additions in your bathroom there are some considerations that are very important.

How about adding some extra storage space in the bathroom? A closet is a simple addition that can be built in the bathroom. A simple yet elegantly designed closet in the bathroom is something that may be seen as unique, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Extra storage is always a plus whether you’re selling your home or not! If you want to add extra storage to a smaller bathroom, consider utilizing the space under the sink with some small drawers and shelves. Many good home improvement and furniture stores have ranges of products designed for this very purpose, and if you’re feeling creative you could build some yourself or have them designed to your specifications.

Adding an extra sink to a larger bathroom is a good idea as his ‘n’ hers sinks are standard in many newer homes. This adds the feeling of space and luxury to any bathroom – and is also very convenient for a couple or family sharing a bathroom.

If members of your family having been thinking (or dreaming!) about a jetted tub, adding this would definitely bring happiness to the entire household! And you cannot put a price on family harmony. Tubs with jets are relaxing, and stress relief in any form for those of us with busy lives can only be a good thing. When you come to sell your home, the addition of a tub with jets is sure to excite any potential buyer.

The bathroom remodeling costs will mainly depend on the accessories that you want fitted and whether you intend to do the work yourself. If you’re house sale is imminent then perhaps it’s best not to carry out an expensive, extensive remodel, but rather make some simple cosmetic changes. However, making your bathrooms into a real feature for the duration you live there will not only enrich your lives but also add resale value if you decide to move.

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