hall bathroom white with tub and small vaniety and window in shower

Remodeling a small bathroom can be a fun challenge. Photo by RemodelOrMove.com

A bunch of design challenges await those who wish to remodel small bathroom spaces, but the good thing about it is that these are not impossible to surpass. You could actually design and give birth to a small, yet functional bathroom with the right amount of creative design. In fact, you could also make the small bathroom look and feel larger. It is actually fun to remodel small bathrooms, because you are challenged to see how to make it work.

Some ideas useful when remodeling small bathrooms could be grouped through the following factors:
1.    maximize space
2.    design the bathroom to make it look larger
3.    add unique storage solutions
4.    create a touch of luxury inside

Now, let us see some more ideas in each category mentioned above.

Maximize space
·    Put in a smaller shower
·    Attach the sink and toilet onto the walls
·    Remove clutter
·    Keep away from a vanity or a floor-standing cabinet
·    Install recessed cabinets and wall-mounted ones between wall studs
·    Put in glass shelves
·    Keep your toilet in an alcove and place a shelf above it
·    Pick a small and deep tub
·    Install pocket or sliding doors
·    Put mirrored medicine cabinet on the wall
·    Put some glass blocks as window in your shower

Remodeling the bathroom to look larger
·    By putting a larger window, you could add light
·    To keep your privacy, but avoid shades and blinds, use a glass block window
·    To reflect light and to create the illusion of more space, use a large mirror
·    Put up tiles in a diagonal pattern
·    Design the surrounding with stained glass windows to provide a lively character inside
·    To cut light fixtures, place sinks near natural light
·    Soft and pale colors help create the illusion of a bigger space
·    Cool colors create the feeling of peace
·    To provide brighter colors, put some vibrantly-colored towels, accessories, and display items
·    Add ceiling lights, skylights, bigger windows and tube lights to produce more light and make it look bigger
·    As for rugs, use light-colored ones over dark flooring
·    Remove all clutter
·    Install clear glass doors instead of frosted ones; put up an unframed glass enclosure; and use a shower curtain rather than a door since it can be pushed back to open up the space
·    Use wallpaper that has a neutral or white color
·    Provide a crown molding or a wallpaper border at the top of the wall to make the bathroom ceiling look higher
·    Design the area with light vertical lines so that the eyes will draw upward and the ceiling look higher
·    Corners of your room should be brightened
·    Larger tiles create the impression of more space than smaller ones
·    Match the grout to the tile’s color to help lessen the contrast
·    As much as possible, limit the racks and towel bars in the room
·    Put up glass shelves
·    Work with paint to create some design on the open wall or put up a picture showing an outdoor scene
·    Extend the tile to the ceiling to make the room look larger

Unique storage solutions
·    To create a storage space for your items, install a linen closet
·    Install wall-mounted glass shelves
·    For your decorative items, place shelves near the ceiling and make sure lights are beneath them
·    Place recessed cabinets
·    Inset cabinets in the wall
·    Install a large, shallow mirrored medicine cabinet
·    Store necessary items in baskets

Create a luxury feel
·    Put up a nice stained glass that has minimal design
·    Place fog-less mirrors around
·    Include a steam shower
·    Place a spa shower
·    Place heating in the floor
·    Place a towel rack that works as a warmer
·    Put ceramic tiles or stone tiles on the floor
·    Use a soft bathtub
·    Put up a hydro-massage tub that has in-line heater
·    Add shower seat, tub headrests, footrests and lumbar supports
·    Beautify with candles or tinted light bulbs
·    Install speakers near or on the ceiling

Aside from these suggestions, you may also explore other ideas and concepts for your dream bathroom. All you need to create your bathroom and spa are careful planning, effective light and color, and some luxury items.

If you want some help with your bathroom remodeling plans, check out our Bathroom Remodeling Workbook.  We also have a free, online calculator to help you estimate your bathroom remodeling costs.