Going green is a popular home remodeling concept of late. Many homeowners begin with quick and simple improvements to provide a marked difference at a low price. After that, some are ready to go extreme and change their home in ways that really create a green environment.

Remember that such extreme green changes to your home are very expensive. Because of the cost and the major changes involved, you will need to research the options to see if it is worth the investment. Good research can reduce the risk of this kind of investment.

These are a few extreme green remodeling projects you might wish to consider:

  • Generate electricity through the process of putting in photovoltaic cells. These use solar power to generate a certain amount of electricity. The cost can be considerable, but the project has the potential of recovering that cost over a period of time.
  • Put in a series of windows that have UV reflective coating and triple glazing. Triple glazing with gas between the window panes provides the best in insulation for your home and the highest degree of UV coating. When you put these throughout your home, the project will certainly be costly. The utility costs, however, will show a marked reduction and savings over time.
  • Heat your water with a solar heating system. These will cost you more at the outset but will provide a cost savings after a couple of years.
  • Put in a geothermic cooling and heating system. Such systems are extremely expensive to put in and need a certain degree of ground space in order to install them. One can place them vertically or horizontally into the ground.  They use the steady temperature of the earth to provide the heating and cooling. Over time, the reduction in utility/energy bills will offset the installation costs.

  • Change your appliances to those which are considered highly energy efficient. Every year, better and more efficient models are designed. You will be able to utilize less energy so these appliances are cheaper to operate.
  • Think about putting in an energy-efficient metal roof.  New metal roofing materials are well-insulated and extremely durable. While costly to install, its durability shows, as it lasts much longer than other roofing materials, while giving you a better insulated roof.

As you can see, such extreme home remodeling projects will cost you a lot in the beginning. Savings in utility bills, however, is evident and homeowners can often recoup the costs after a few years.  These extreme green projects are not for everyone however.  It’s important to know that such improvements may or may not increase your home value at the time of resale, but you will have a comfortable home to live in that is also more efficient in energy use.

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