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Update: Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to add value to your home and create a stylish new place to relax. There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning it, such as what fittings you’ll need, which materials are most suitable for a bathroom, and above all, the cost. If your bathroom remodel involves a completely new layout, then you need to also consider the costs of extensive plumbing work too.

There are so many options when remodeling your bathroom that it can be overwhelming…but don’t let that stop you. Once you’re done, you will have a more functional room that will provide you daily comfort as well as potentially increase the value of your home. Next to a kitchen remodel, remodeling a bathroom provides the most significant increase in satisfaction of any remodeling project.

It is important to carefully plan for remodeling your bathroom to get the most for your investment. You must create an accurate budget and have a thorough understanding of your likes, dislikes and ultimate goals. Planning also involves understanding all the permits that are required. Drawing up an architectural plan helps in the in the visualization process, in the absence of an architectural plan, photographs from magazines can be used for reference.

A remodel can alter the routing of the utilities; it is important to know the existing plumbing, electricity, and piping plan so that while remodeling the changes to the bathroom layout can be made with minimum changes to the existing utilities. Changes in the location, even by just a few inches can increase the cost of bathroom remodel by thousands of dollars.

The bathroom floor needs special consideration as it is exposed to a lot of wear from footfalls, water, detergents, etc. Stone and ceramic are two highly durable flooring materials. However, these materials are expensive, not very easy to install and can be uncomfortable to stand on for very long. An alternative to these is vinyl, which is resilient, easy to clean, and easy to install.

Ceramic tile and vinyl can replicate the look of stone. If you select ceramic tile it is important to use good quality epoxy grout that does not crack with use. High quality ceramic used for bathroom flooring is resistant to scratches and chips. Likewise, select high quality vinyl flooring for your bathroom. It is available in a wide variety of styles and colors and even has designer inlay patterns that give a perception of depth.

The first step to start your remodel is to get a price quote from sites such as This will help you get a quick estimate on the cost of the remodel including the cost of the fixtures and the contractor fees. Once you have a budget in mind and an idea that it is achievable you should begin selecting specific designs that appeal to you and style of materials that you like. Organizing all of this information is an important part of getting the results you want at the best price. To help you organize things consider purchasing a remodeling organizer like the one available at

With a budget and a design in mind you can now contact contractors to get a quote on the project. It is important to talk to many contractors who specialize in building new or remodeling bathrooms before hiring one. Try this free service to get in contact with prescreened contractors who work in your neighborhood.

Bathtubs are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and price options. Shower tub combinations are an alternative when space is a constraint; freestanding tubs offer the opportunity for adding decoration to the pipe work and it can be installed without any paneling.

Acrylic is a lightweight material which is easy to mould and is resilient and tough. Acrylic is warm to touch and warm water in an acrylic bath retains its temperature. Currently, freestanding acrylic baths with roll-top edges or baths with sit-in cradles are popular. Cast iron baths are heavy and the homeowner should consider the strength of the floor before adding a cast iron bath during a remodel. Freestanding cast iron baths with roll top edges and ornate ball and claw feet are also very popular.

Bathroom sinks are available in several designs such as pedestal, vanity, wall-hung, cloakroom, and en-suite. The size and design of the sink should complement the other fixtures in the bathroom. There is a wide variety of alternatives as far as taps are concerned; ideally the taps should be such that they are in harmony with the basin. Alternatives include basin and bath taps, traditional taps, and contemporary taps.

For some time now the bathroom remodeling trend has been for larger bathrooms in order to make them more functional and with a greater degree of comfort. Separate showers and tubs are gaining increasing acceptance. The advantage with a separate tub is that it allows for greater freedom in selecting a tub. Whirlpool tubs are high on the list of fixtures to be added in a remodel; whirlpools are available in a range of sizes and can fit in corners of bathrooms where space is a constraint. Above-counter basins made from glass are not only functional but have a striking appearance. Bathroom Remodeling Workbook by Dan FritschenOther popular design trends with bathroom remodels include using a combination of materials such as glass, china, marble, wood, and chrome. Glass is being used with porcelain for creating tiles with unique accents and borders. Stainless steel, which is used for sinks and medicine chests, is being used with natural stone to get contrasting textures. In terms of color, the trend is toward experimentation. Even though white is a popular color choice, homeowners are adopting the latest color trends and using not only natural colors but also shades such as terra cotta and rust for sinks, walls, cabinets, and the decorative tiles.

A bathroom remodel can also be a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Treating a bathroom remodel as a DIY project has its pros and cons. In terms of expenditure, hiring a contractor can account for 10% to 50% of the remodel cost; a person on a tight budget and good time-management skills can save this cost by approaching the bathroom remodel as a DIY. In doing so; however, a homeowner should be prepared to arrange buying materials at the right price, ensuring they are delivered on schedule and negotiating with subcontractors.