Photo by Diana Parkhouse

Update: With the economic downturn and the slump in the housing market, sound property advice is now more important than ever. Homeowners trying to make the remodel or move decision don’t know which way to go: is it worth investing in their current home if its value is about to fall? Is it worth selling up and moving when they may make a loss on the house sale? As a real estate agent you could provide real insight into the fluctuations in the property market and perform a vital service to your community.

As a real estate agent you know better than just about anyone that the housing market is in an extended slump. But do you know that by helping a homeowner make the decision whether they should remodel or move can help you both now and when the market turns around?

Your training and experience have made you a local expert on the perfect match between families and homes. Finding that perfect match is what you do every day. You are the best real estate professional for a homeowner to turn to for help with this very difficult decision. In fact, if you have been in the real estate industry for more than a few years, you can probably look at a house – minus the people – and get a good sense of whether the house is or is not meeting the lifestyle needs of the family occupying it.

You also have the knowledge of home design to possibly suggest a few creative changes that could be accomplished by remodeling which would make the home more appealing and functional for a family. And this combined with your knowledge of home values you can advise a homeowner to limit the extent of a remodel so the home doesn’t become inconsistent with other homes in the neighborhood.

Helping a homeowner make the remodel or move decision can benefit you in several ways, both in the short term and in the long run.

  • If your assistance results in a homeowner deciding a move is appropriate, your assistance will probably make you their first choice as the listing realtor and as their realtor of choice in finding an appropriate home to purchase.
  • If you assist the homeowner in the decision to remodel and help the homeowner plan and implement a sensible remodel, you will not be forgotten. When the time comes for them to sell their remodeled home – even ten or fifteen years later – you will still be the first choice as the listing realtor.

Your time spent in advising homeowners will earn you a reputation in the community as a trustworthy and helpful agent who is committed to helping homeowners find the right home, rather than just getting them into any home so you can close a sale. In the end, this will result in a stream of referrals of other homeowners.