Home staging tips and ideas

Photo by James Thompson

Update: As a real estate agent, you are in a unique position for insider knowledge of the housing market. In the current economic climate where so much is uncertain, homeowners need someone trustworthy and reliable that they can turn to for advice. Helping homeowners to remodel will not only help in the short term by giving you a good reputation in your neighborhood, but in the long term when homeowners do choose to sell they will call on you first!

Real estate agents have the unique ability to help homeowners make decisions about home remodeling and additions. Some of the important information you can offer a homeowner considering a remodel is:

  • The status of the housing market in a neighborhood..
  • How a remodel or an addition will affect the value of a home.
  • When a home remodel will result in over-improvement.
  • Trends in what home buyers want.
  • How houses and families “fit” or “don’t fit.”

For most homeowners, there is no other good source for this information. Most just do without and proceed with their remodel. This is a chance for a real estate professional to spend just a few minutes and offer some very valuable information to a homeowner.

You have the knowledge and experience to help a homeowner make wise decisions about home additions and remodeling. But why should you do that? Wouldn’t you be better off to just tell the homeowner to sell and find another house?

Helping a homeowner remodel when it is appropriate is a matter of honoring your personal and professional integrity. There is both personal and professional integrity in doing what is best for the client. Your business success depends upon the trust people place in you and the advice you give. By doing the right thing for the client, you earn both trust and respect.

Helping a homeowner remodel will build your professional future. Helping a homeowner make remodeling decisions will almost guarantee that they will contact you first when they decide to sell. The word will also spread that you care about the homeowner and the family and you offer sound advice. The homeowner you help will tell family, neighbors, friends and business associates.

Helping a homeowner remodel will gain visibility within the community for you. Helping a homeowner remodel will create new or stronger existing connections with others in the community to make realtor referrals – contractors, builders, suppliers, permitting officials, etc. Over time those relationships and the referrals they generate will ensure your professional success over a number of years.

The next time you have an opportunity to help a homeowner remodel, think about your personal and professional integrity, think about building your professional future, and thinking about gaining visibility and respect within the community. By thinking of the client first and building trust and respect, you will build your professional and financial future.