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When you are remodeling or building a home addition a general contractor provides a very valuable service of hiring and managing all the different tradespeople and material suppliers to make your remodel run smoothly. The tradespeople the general contractor hire are able to complete the different tasks needed for your renovation – from concrete and foundation work to electrical to roofing materials.  The general contractors is as good as the tradespeople they hire.

Should you Hire a General Contractor?

When you hire a general contractor you pay for this service either directly or through different mark ups on materials and services. If you are considering doing the general contractor’s work yourself, like 35% of homeowners in the US do, consider if you can manage getting all the materials and finding and managing the tradespeople. The skills to be a successful general contractor are similar to other program and project management jobs in other industries. An event planner, a technical project manager and a supervisor all share many of the skills needed to be a successful general contractor. 

There is a lot of building expertise needed as well but I have found that many material suppliers and tradespeople are very helpful to a homeowner who is acting as their own general contractor. So consider carefully before taking on the job of being the general contractor. It is a big job and comes with many risks but also rewards. 

Another question is do you need or want to hire an architect. If the project is large enough – like a 2nd story addition- then many people hire an architect to do the design work. Architects are not the only ones with these design skills. Interior decorators, home designers, contractors..and you the homeowners may also have these design skills. You need to carefully look at your options and talk to the different resources available to you to decide your best solution.