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All the demolition is not complete and it is time to start building your addition.  If your remodel requires a new foundation or alteration to your existing foundation this is the next step in your remodel.  Demolition usually is pretty fast.  Just a day or two to demolish and remove debri for a smaller home addition or remodel.  Working on the new foundation will take longer since there are a number of steps.

Steps for a Home Addition Foundation

1. Layout – measure and mark where the new foundation will go.

2. Excavation – remove soil for the new foundation

3. Build forms – to  form the concrete that will make up your new foundation

4. Rebar and hold downs – if required steel rods will be place in the forms to be encased in concrete.  Some threaded rods may be exposed so the wood framing of your addition can be bolted to the concrete foundation

5. Inspection – after these steps are complete it is time for the first inspection from the city – if required.

6. Pour concrete – if the forms and rebar pass inspection than the concrete can be poured into the forms.

7. Forms are removed – once the concrete sets for a few days the forms can be removed and your foundation is done!

The entire foundation for a smaller addition can be built and the concrete poured in as little as 2 days.  Larger foundations will take longer.  Typically anticipate that it will take several weeks to for the foundation to be completed.

The next step in the process of building a addition or a remodel is to begin framing the structure.  This can include building a new structure as well as moving walls, windows and doors in an existing structure.