Home Office Additions Photo by Joey Parsons

by Dan Fritschen

Update: Working from home is a dream for many people! If you’re lucky enough to be able to work remotely some or most of the time, or even if you’d just like a quiet, focused space to study in when you’re at home, then it’s worthwhile installing a home office. Having an organized space for a desk, computer, printer, scanner and important documents such as bill and letters will help you to keep everything in order and will save you time and effort in the day to day running of your home.

If you work from home on a full-time basis, you would like to add a few accents to your workspace to make it more inviting. However, you should be careful to make sure the décor does not lose its professional look so that your workspace appears clean and professional all the time. With a variety of affordable decorative items available these days, you can give your home office a more attractive look and make it a more functional space.

Storage Racks

Keep your files organized in storage racks, which make a great home office addition and offer plenty of shelf space to store a number of supplies of different sizes. If you can get storage racks in one uniform color with wheels, you can easily move the shelves in a corner or closet to avoid cluttering your office when you need more space.

Hanging Shelves

When planning your home office, try to ensure that there are adequate outlets for printers, desktops, and task lighting. Go for wall-mounted shelves, which will free up your floor and workspace, making you feel more organized. You can successfully turn the smallest of corners in your home into your workspace with minimal effort and a little creativity. You can easily place your old pullout desk in a quiet corner, which has enough space to accommodate a laptop, with shelves above the desk and drawers and cubbies below it, for filing paperwork.

Digital Timer

A digital timer would make a smart home office addition. Use a timer to stay on schedule to meet your tight deadlines. Numerous timers, stopwatches, and clocks are available on the market to help keep your office stylish while being functional.


Plants are a beautiful addition to your workspace. Choose a plant that can thrive in the natural light entering the office through windows. Without natural light, you may consider an artificial plant to add some natural tranquility to a fast paced work environment.


A desk with some storage and good lighting is the bare minimum you can get for your home office space. Choose furniture that matches or complements other furniture in the space, especially if your home office is an extension of your living area.


Using two light fixtures on either side of your workspace and positioning them in a way that they are hidden from sight when you are working is a great decoration idea. However, before investing in light fixtures, do not forget to consider the prospective layout of your workspace. Locate the best place to accommodate the desk that will house your printer, fax, computer terminal, and other necessary equipment. Since you would be spending the majority of your time at the desk, plan your lighting planned around this area and its equipment.

To work out the cost of adding a home office, you can try our free home office addition calculator.