remodeling apps

Photo by Ian Lamont

by Dan Fritschen

For years the internet provided little help for home remodelers, being little more than a more convenient reference library full of tips and phone numbers of contractors and architects!  While there is still a long way to go, any homeowners embarking on remodeling projects in 2013 would miss out if they don’t take advantage of the new technologies that are now available.

Here are 5 new technologies that help homeowners:

1. Our online tool to help you decide if you should remodel.  Remodeling isn’t for everyone – and if you haven’t remodeled before, or have but are on the fence about moving forward with your latest plans, try the Should I Remodel calculator. The easy to use tool asks you questions about how will you pay for the remodel, what your plans entail and how long you intend to live in the home.  It also considers the feelings of others in your family and after answering all the questions the calculator instantly gives you a customized recommendation with tips on additional steps you may want to take.

2. Gone are the days of having to wait to get a ball park estimate of the cost to remodel.  Online calculators ask simple questions about where you live, how much work you want to do yourself, your taste in materials and based on this information can give you a estimate of the cost to remodel your kitchen, or your whole house.

3. Forget about finding a few photos in magazines that are ‘sort of’ what you want;  search the entire internet for white kitchens or modern bathrooms and get thousands and thousands of pictures that will help you find the perfect design ideas.   If you work with an architect or are doing the designs yourself, finding pictures of what you like and do not like design wise is the best way to communicate your ideas to others.

4. No need to stop the design process when you are away from your computer.  Smartphone apps such as the interior design iPhone app and interior design android app are available that allow you to search the internet for design ideas, save them, share them and make notes on them so you can find them later.  These same apps allow you to snap a picture of a sink you love or a lighting fixture you think is great and save it to the same IdeaFile so when it comes time to make decisions about your remodel all your pictures, ideas and research are in one place.

5. Budgeting is automatic too!  Get an instant detailed budget for your remodel that creates “buckets” of costs to get you started.  As you make decisions about your project you can enter the updated numbers and get a better and more accurate cost estimate.