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By Dan Fritschen

Update: Working out a cost estimate for your home remodeling project can seem like one of the hardest parts of the remodeling process. But getting a cost estimate is an essential first step to knowing what kind of home improvements you can afford to make. Whether it’s a simple bathroom makeover or a large home addition, working from a starting point where you know what your budget will be is a great way to ensure your remodel costs stay on target, right through to the end of the project.

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When planning an addition to your house, cost will be one of your first considerations. This generally requires a house addition calculator. But there are many calculators available; which one should you choose?

The first thing to consider is exactly what the home addition calculator says it calculates. Understand whether or not the calculator gives you a preliminary cost estimate, or a final cost calculation. Do not use a calculator that attempts to calculate the final cost of your project, as there are too many variables in such an estimate to accurately provide this kind of quote.

Remember the purpose of these online remodeling calculators. The intention is to give you a preliminary and instant cost estimate on whatever home remodel you are planning. A lot of online remodeling calculators give you nothing more than a general cost-per-square-foot estimate that is of little value.

There are a few online calculators that require additional information to make the estimate more accurate. Things they account for include:

  • The quality of the work – There are three categories of work quality in the remodeling industry: economy, average, and luxury or custom work.
  • Location – some calculators will verify your region, while others will ask you for your state or even your zip code. Construction costs vary greatly by region.

These are components that make a big difference in the calculation of the home remodel. There are other things, however, that also make a difference:

  • The design – Using an architect will add much to the cost when compared to using a home designer or contractor.
  • Management of the project – The costs will vary depending on whether a project manager is hired, or the work is done by the contractor or the homeowner.
  • Working yourself – work that is done by the homeowner will decrease the cost of the project.

If you use the most sophisticated home remodel calculator, you will obtain the most accurate estimate. Don’t forget that all of these are ballpark figures and don’t pretend to calculate the final cost. The purpose of this kind of estimate is to help you establish a reasonable budget and know which kinds of things factor into that budget.  Changing the variables in order to recalculate the cost will help you get an idea of the factors you can alter to get the best cost for your project.

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