If you are considering a remodel of a room with a fireplace, it will be important to understand how a fireplace remodel can change a room.  Even if you were not planning a fireplace remodel in the beginning, you might discover that your fireplace is not perfectly matched to your new room décor.  Before you pick up a hammer and start breaking down the fireplace, consider the fireplace surround and how changing it can bring the room into harmony. You don’t even have to do a complete fireplace remodel or replacement – just remodel the fireplace surround and change the room.


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Your fireplace remodel can change the surround from something very modern to something very classic and old world style or vice versa.  You can make the surround smaller or larger and change the materials or combine materials to create a surround that is the perfect focal point of the room. 


The first step in a fireplace remodel is to check the existing firebox and chimney system for damage or cracks. This is a good time to clean the chimney, too.  If too much of the heat produced by the fire seems to be escaping up the chimney, there are a couple of easy remedies. 

  • First you can install a fan that will draw the heat from the fireplace and blow it into the room. 

  • Another very popular option is to add a “fireback.”  Most fireboxes are built of light-colored firebrick. A fireback is a heavy iron panel that is placed in the back of the firebox.  It will absorb heat and reflect it into the room.  Whether you choose an antique fireback or a reproduction, you should be able to find a design that complements your room.


Your fireplace remodel will probably focus on the appearance of the hearth the floor area in front of the fireplace and the surround.  You might choose the facing material around the edge of the firebox to be brick, tile or stone. If you use tile, you will need to be sure you are buying the fire-resistant type.  Brick is another popular material for the surround. You can also buy light-weight brick that is only about one inch thick.  You might also choose to use stone tiles. You might also choose to use stone (also available cut to be thin and light-weight).  Fieldstone is a very popular choice for a fireplace surround. For a touch of elegance, you might also choose slate or marble for the surround and the floor in front of the fireplace. 



Your immediate firebox surround might be your entire surround, and you can choose the finished size of the surround appropriate for the room. You might decide to add a mantel or other moldings.  Mantels are available in most standard sizes and in a wide variety of finishes and RemodelOrMove.com: Contractor Selection Workbooktypes of decorative work. In a modern style room a slate surround with a white mantel can be very striking.  Marble is very elegant in almost any shading.  Wood can be either painted or stained to match or complement other trim and moldings.  Mantels can be spare and functional or elaborate and decorative. 


No matter what materials you choose, a fireplace remodel can change a room in many ways.  No matter what decorative style or architectural style you are matching, your fireplace remodel can create the appropriate accent for any room.


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