There are many options available when doing a room model where a fireplace is present. A fireplace not only helps to lower the cost of heating but can provide a personal warmth to a room. When remodeling plans call for a change in style to a room the fireplace must also be changed to keep an accord with its surroundings.
Although your fireplace may seem to be the most fixed object in the room, its appearance can be altered to match any changing style you wish. From rustic to post-modern your fireplace can follow your changing tastes.
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The beginning of any remodeling project should always be to check for defects in your present space. By making sure your existing system is free from cracks or other damage you cam properly budget for the remodeling cost. If you feel your fireplace is not efficient enough check with specialists about changes and additions. Reflecting firebacks or ventilation fans can guarantee the heat will be dispersed in an optimal way.

Your choice of material for the floor, hearth and surround all will be dependent on the style of your room. From fire-resistant tile to brick and stone, from marble to mantles to molding all of your options must be well thought out for what is functional and also appealing. A fireplace is usually in a room where people gather and is often the center. The right fireplace remodel can highlight any newly renovated room.