A “cost per square foot” remodeling estimate is intended for use very early in the remodel planning process. It is intended to provide a “ballpark” cost for the project.

These estimates are based on historical information about similar projects in your location. They calculate the estimate on the basis of the size of the project (estimated square footage), the type of project (simple upgrade, addition, major expansion), and the room you plan to remodel.

They are based on very little specific information about your project, but thery are expected to be accurate to within 20-35% of the actual cost of the project. These estimates are not guaranteed.

The primary purpose of a “cost per square foot” estimate is to help you establish a budget for your remodeling plan. It will also help you understand the importance of the price you pay for certain individual items that will be part of your remodel.

For example, if you are remodeling a bathroom, you will understand when you price showers that when you choose a $2,000 spa shower instead of the standard shower/tub combination at $300, you have seriously overshot the total budget.  If you want this shower you will need to either adjust the budget or find ways to reduce other costs to remain within the original budget.