The size of your kitchen is a matter of function and style. Kitchens have, once again, become the center of family life. Many people choose to entertain in the kitchen while they prepare a meal.

Your equipment preferences will also affect the size of your kitchen. Professional appliances and work areas often require more space than the simple galley kitchen where simple meals are prepared.

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Your kitchen should be large enough to accommodate all of the aspects of family life you want to center there, as well as your approach to cooking. Start by thinking about what you cannot do in your present kitchen. Be sure to get opinions from all members of the family.

– Do you want the children to be able to do homework in the kitchen?

– Is it common for two of you to be involved in preparing meals?

– Do you want to be able to chat with friends and relatives when entertaining while you prepare the meal?

– Do you want to bring family dining into the kitchen or move it out of the kitchen?

– Do you want to keep people away from the food preparation area while also providing access to such things as snacks and drinks?

– How much space do you have to work with?

– Are you willing to enlarge the kitchen, even if it means a house addition?

– Would it be nice to have a larger kitchen if you could take space from another room?

Once you answer these and other questions, you can begin to set priorities and start trying to create a design that will accomplish as many of the priorities as possible.

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