There are many ways to create additional storage in a bathroom.

Before you start building new storage spaces, however, it might be worth your time to try to organize better. Sometimes it is surprising how much space can be reclaimed when items in drawers, on shelves and in cabinets are rearranged. The variety of inserts and other organizing shelving and lazy susans make the task easier and affordable.

One way to add storage, maybe the most obvious, is to install a vanity or a larger vanity that offers more storage. Another option might be to just add a freestanding small shelving unit. These are available in most any Bathroom Remodeling Workbook by Dan Fritschen and color.

Next, you might add wall-mounted shelving. Glass shelves are often a good choice because they provide storage without the appearance of taking up space.

You can also create a new cut-out in the wall framing for an inset area, somewhat like a medicine cabinet installation. This can be left open or can have a door. Shelves in this kind of unit can either be shallow and flush with the wall or they can extend out three or four inches.

Shelves can also be added over the tub area.

If you need a larger amount of space, consider cutting into the adjoining room to make a linen closet.