To decide if you can do part of the work involved in your remodel, you need to think about your interest, patience, time and skill. Do you really want to do part of the work? Delaying your part of the job could put everyone behind schedule. Do you have the patience to do the work?

Some work is quick and easy, some is tedious and requires a great deal of patience. If you decide to do some of the work, choose activities that match your level of patience.

Do you have the time to do part of the work, and can you arrange your schedule to give you the time when it is needed? Does it make sense to take the time away from your family or from your job? Can you make yourself available exactly when a task needs to be done and finish it on schedule?

Finally, ask yourself if you have the knowledge and skill to complete the task and have the finished work look like it was professionally done. If not, you could compromise the appearance of the job and the possible increase in home value achieved by a competent remodel or addition.