It is very important to find and install the right kitchen sink or combination of sinks. Your choices will probably be made on the basis of materials, function, size and installation method.

To some extent, these decisions will be influenced by the layout of your kitchen, the number of work areas you create, the number of special function sinks you decide to install, and the countertop material you choose. If you will have a dishwasher, you might need only a large single-bowl sink, but with no dishwasher, you might want a triple-bowl unit to provide plenty of space for washing and rinsing. If your kitchen layout suggests it, you might prefer a corner sink. If you have a small kitchen (such as a galley kitchen) and all cleanup and food preparation uses the same sink, you might choose a double-bowl sink with one large and one small basin. If you are trying to create a very modern, sleek design, you might want to choose an integral sink or even an integral stainless steel sink.

There is so much variety available in sink shape, design, material and mounting style that you will really need to spend some time shopping, considering all of the alternatives, and may even want to explore some unusual options.

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