The biggest payback on your remodeling investment comes from a high-quality remodel, whether it is mid-range or upscale. Quality should be the first consideration in your remodel, even if the changes are relatively minor, such as adding crown molding in the living room and dining room.

If you plan to sell within the next two to three years, attention to the trends in colors and materials will also increase the payback. Sales associates in home improvement or paint stores can offer advice about trends in colors for various rooms of the house. You could also ask a Realtor to consult with you about which colors home buyers seem to prefer.

Smart shopping; doing what work you can without sacrificing the quality of the project, slowing it down, or being in the way; and smart decisions about how you pay for the remodel will help you get the best results for the least financial investment.

Be certain that your design fits the architectural style of your home, and that you choose energy-efficient and water-saving appliances and fixtures whenever possible. Look forĀ  incentives available for green remodeling, which include Federal tax credits, state tax breaks, breaks on real estate assessments and taxes, and incentives available from utility companies. Remodeling green will also save you money in reduced energy costs, and it will make your home more attractive to future buyers.