The most cost-effective time to evaluate the condition of your pipes is when you are remodeling.

Three of the most important things to look for in making the decision are water flow, water drainage and corrosion of the pipes. If water flowing through your bathroom pipes is slower than in other parts of the house, you could have clogged pipes. Pipes can collect mineral build-up or rust over time. In some cases, this corrosion or mineral build-up can reduce the interior size of the pipe by half, restricting water flow.

If this is the case, you probably should replace these pipes as part of your remodeling project. Check the flow of water – the amount of water coming out of the faucets – in several parts of the house. This should be the same, for example, in all faucets in the house. If you find that the flow of water from a specific faucet is less than other faucets, you need to do some further investigation. If you have noticed that the flow of water through faucets in your neighbors’ homes is much greater than yours, you should do further investigation.

adequate water flow – no matter what the water pressure – whirlpool tubs, spa showers, and even toilets will not work properly. It is important then to check the pipes before you install new plumbing fixtures. If you are uncertain, you can ask your plumber or general contractor to make an evaluation for you.