Your remodeling budget will probably be developed on the basis of a rough or preliminary estimate.

— You should start by being very specific about exactly what you want to do in your remodel.

— Then decide what level of quality you want — economy, industry standard, highest custom quality. You should also consider how much (if any) of the work you plan to do.

With this information you can ask a contractor or use an online calculator to get an estimate based on cost per square foot or similar basis in your location.

If the estimate you receive matches the amount you are prepared to spend and can spend, you will be ready to start pricing specific items and talking to contractors.

If it is higher than your budget, you will need to look at your project description and set priorities. Then look at what can be eliminated or left for some future time.

When you set a budget for any project, always add about 20% to the total cost for changes, problems or upgrades. This should result in a good remodeling budget.