By Dan Fritschen

cost to remodel kitchen

Photograph provided by Kendyl Young


A major kitchen remodel will probably take about three months from start of planning to completion of the job. Under some circumstances, and with a great deal of careful planning and some preparatory work such as cabinet assembly done in advance, it can be done in as little as 30 days. A great deal depends on the planning.


Other big factors are the number of time-consuming jobs (like running new pipe lines or gas lines), the ability to schedule closely and keep every step on schedule, the size of the project, whether it is a simple remodel or it involves adding space, the materials and any drying or setting time and the like).


If you really want a quick kitchen remodel then consider paying the workers – your contractor a bonus to finish the job on an aggressive schedule.  Maybe 10% additional above the amount they quoted to get the job done a few weeks earlier.  This may seem like a lot – and it is- but the inconvenience of a kitchen remodel to your daily routines and life is hard to over estimate.


If minimizing the cost of your kitchen remodel is your top priority than planning is your best bet to get the project done quickly.  In this case spend time shopping for and getting all our appliances and fixtures well before they are needed.  Be careful to check the items when you buy them to ensure they are the right ones for your job and that they are not damaged, etc.  Often delays in projects is due to the materials not being ready when needed in a kitchen remodel project or being damaged or just being the wrong part.  So double check everything when it is delivered and have it ready for installation.