There are several types of insulation to consider for your home.

The types of insulation are:

(1) Cellulose fiber — this material has an “R value” of 3.7 per inch and is made of recycled paper products. It is chemically treated to make it fire-resistant. Its main advantage is that it reduces air leakage by up to 50%;

(2) Mineral wool has an R value of 3.2 per inch. Its main advantage is that it is fireproof, which makes it ideal for the attic, but special installation is necessary;

(3) Vermiculite insulation is composed of mica, and because of its weight it should never be installed in an attic;

(4) Fiberglass is by far the most commonly used type of insulation. Its R value is 2.3 – 2.8 per inch. It is available in one of three forms — foil backed, paper backed or un-faced.

The foil and paper backed forms also serve as a vapor barrier.