by Dan Fritschen

how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen

Photo by David Reaume


Update: There’s no quick answer to the question “how much will it cost to remodel my kitchen?” There are a number of different factors to take into consideration, starting with whether you want to give your kitchen a quick facelift or whether you want to build an addition and create a large new kitchen from the bottom up. The types of materials you want to use and the kinds of appliances you want will also greatly affect the cost.

How much will it cost me to remodel my kitchen? Unfortunately the answer is not quick and involves numerous variables. There are several decisions to make before you attempt the cost calculation.

So, let’s take a look at how much it costs to remodel the average kitchen and take a look at the many factors that are a part of what it will take to do the remodel.

1.  Will the kitchen be enlarged? Will your remodel involve using the existing area or will you increase the size of the room? If the plans involve enlargement of the space, will the space come from within the house or will you add to the area of the home itself, using outdoor space? Think about these questions:
· Will interior walls be moved?
· Will you adjust one or more load-bearing walls?
· In the end, what will the final area be?
· Will you need to add to the foundation or build a new foundation as part of the project?
· Will you make use of a concrete slab?
· Will the project involve beams and/or posts?
· Will you make use of a bay or a bow window?
· Will the project be a bump out?

2.  How will the plumbing be affected? Do you know if sinks will be moved or added? What about a gas line?

3.  How will the electrical fixtures be affected? Will you change where you put the appliances and will any electrical lines or outlets need to be changed or moved? Will there be new lighting or new circuits?

4.  Will you put in new cabinets? Will existing cabinetry remain or will you need to paint or replace the cabinets you have? If you will add new cabinets, will they be ready-to-install or will your workers need to assemble them? How about custom cabinets? Will you have them built at the factory or on site?

5.  What about windows? Will they be replaced?

6.  Will you add new appliances?

7.  What style of countertop are you considering?

8.  Will any custom tile work be put in?

These are important questions that will factor into the total cost of remodeling the kitchen. Think also about the following factors:

  • What quality of workmanship and materials do you want to use?
  • What type of professionals will you bring into the project?
  • Will you manage the project yourself?
  • How much of the work will you do yourself?
  • What season will it be done?
  • Where do you live?

If you’re looking for design inspiration for your kitchen makeover, you can browse over 50 million images in our design gallery.The above illustrates just how many variables there are in estimating the costs of a kitchen remodel. One way to put these factors into a concrete remodeling costs estimate is to try our easy to use, free online cost calculator that inputs the various factors and provides you with a reliable estimate.