The question of how much of your remodeling expense you can expect to recoup when you eventually sell your home is very difficult to answer in general terms.

The percentage varies from year to year, from room to room, and depending upon whether it is a mid-range remodel, an economy remodel, or an upscale remodel. It also depends on pricing trends in the housing market.

In the broadest terms, you can expect to recoup 60% to 125% of your remodeling cost in additional house value at sale.

Other factors contributing to the amount you will recover are:

— the age of the house,

— the trends home buyers are looking for, and

— the amount of time that elapsed between the remodel and the sale of the house.

You can check with a local Realtor about how these and other factors affect the selling price of your house at a given time. Real Estate agents are the best resource for housing price information in your neighborhood and how those prices would be affected by your remodeling plans.