ideas for decorate a long narrow living room

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The start to any good long narrow living room remodel is collecting and organizing ideas for how to decorate a long narrow living room. You should look for both detailed photos of furnishings as well as photos that show the entire room.


You can find plenty of ideas for how to decorate a long narrow living room by searching millions of long narrow living room photos in our Design Gallery. Search, save, and share long narrow living room pictures and photos in your IdeaFile. Click here.


There are many ways to find ideas for how to decorate a long narrow living room – you can look in magazines, newspapers, online, in show rooms and friends’ homes. Open houses and model homes are also great places to see some of the latest design styles and ideas, professionally staged by a designer.


Interior designers, architects and design showrooms are a great resource for both finding ideas for how to decorate a long narrow living room as well as getting assistance with the design. And don’t think that design services are all or nothing services – design showrooms, lighting stores, tile stores are all great resources to get expert advice and ideas for your remodel. The best way to get help from these experts is to call ahead and set an appointment for your visit. Bring with you some photos of the room you want to remodel, along with a good list and photos of what you like as well as dimensions for your room and your budget. With all of this information handy, many showrooms can provide an enormous amount of advice and recommendations. Don’t forget to ask for samples that you can borrow. Seeing that tile or light fixture in your home makes a big difference in making smart decision decisions for your long narrow living room remodel.


If you need to find a designer or architect for your long narrow living room remodel, you can use our Find a Designer resource. Simply enter your name and zip code and we will search through our database to provide you with a list of reliable designers to help you get started with your remodel. A designer and architect can help your vision for your home remodel become a reality by taking your ideas and finding practical design solutions.



How the IdeaFile Works


The Ideafile uses the best long narrow living room idea search engine to browse millions of photos to find just what you need. You can select the color of the room as well as the style – such as traditional, modern, country and so on. Using just these search criteria you can get some great ideas. You can also search for specific products and features like couches, light fixtures etc to find exactly what you are looking for. There is also a spot to enter any special items you might be searching for – such as “apple shaped drawer pulls” – and the IdeaFile search engine will find you the photos to give you the inspiration you need to make your remodel a tremendous success.


When you have decided on the design for your long narrow living room remodel, you can then set about finding a good contractor to carry out the work – and we can help! By using our Find a Contractor page, you can simply enter your name, zip code and phone number, and a pre-screened contractor will call you to talk about your remodel – entirely for free.


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8 tips to find ideas for how to decorate a long narrow living room


  • Search the Ideafile for pictures, photos and design ideas
  • Visit designer showrooms
  • Visit open houses and model homes
  • Call in an interior designer
  • Consult with an architect
  • Spend time at the library looking through magazines and books
  • Search online
  • Visit friends and neighbors’ homes and take photos so you will remember great design ideas.


How to decorate a long living room frequently asked questions:

Q: How to furnish a long narrow living room

A: Start with a plan.  Do you want to try to segment the living room into 2 living spaces that wont seem so long and narrow?  Or do you want to minimize the appearance of being narrow?  Emphasize what is at the end of the room and add tall items on the sides to reduce the appearance of the narrow room.


Q: Decorating a long living room

A: Avoid dark or bulky items at the end of long  and narrow living rooms.  This will just make everything more foreboding!  Bright complex shapes and colors are great for the ends of a long living room.  Mirrors on the side walls will give some appearance of more width to a ling narrow living room.  Try tall thin pieces of furniture for a long narrow living room.


Q: How to remodel a long narrow living room


A: A great fix for a long narrow living room is to build an addition!  You can take an awkward difficult to use space and make it a fantastic room by building a living room addition to your long living living room.  The cost for a living room addition is between $100 and $400 per square foot depending on where your home is located, how will do the home addition work and the design of your home addition.