Decorating with the color white photo by Maegan Tintari

by Dan Fritschen

Decorating with the color white: most people love it or hate it! Some love the clean, crisp feel of white furnishings and paint, while others find white to be unliveable. I believe that used correctly, white decor can make your home bright, fresh and beautiful. ‘Extraordinary’ is the word that I use to define the color white: the color is simple, fresh and quite powerful in any room.

White is a color that symbolizes purity, innocence and completeness; so this is the color that’s ideal for decorating the entire house. But be careful not have the house looking a hospital! Personally I love white because it feels welcoming.  Different shades of white can be used to decorate any room in the house, but a mix of white with other color shades and ‘statement’ pieces can add a dash of fun to any room.

A perfect modern design in your living room can be brought out using a shade of gray and darker gray combined with a shade of white. For an entire room that’s painted white, you can use different materials of different textures to create a much more three dimensional effect which will make the room more inviting and interesting.

If you’re worried that a guest spilling a glass of red wine will ruin your furnishings or carpet forever, there are some compromises you can make. For example, a couch made of leather is easy to clean, and to protect it you can also find an attractive throw to put over it. Make sure your carpets are treated when they are installed to make them more resistant to stains.

The purity of white in your home can even be enhanced by flowers. White flowers in untainted white ceramic pots allow you to decorate with white without carrying out an extensive remodel of your home. You have an inexhaustible variety of wonderful and certainly beautiful white flowers such as white roses, lilies, carnations and tulips. The flowers will give you the added bonus of filling your home with sweet smelling fragrances. If you don’t want to keep replacing fresh flowers all the time then there are some very realistic and pretty artificial flowers you can buy.

Now for the trouble with color white: it shows up any speck of dirt that reaches it! Many parents think that having white in their kids’ rooms is a bad idea, but used correctly it can be a good thing. For example, kids love painting and drawing; kids paint on almost anything including paper and the walls! Why not try painting a section of wall white in kids’ bedrooms or the playroom so they can paint and make a mess within a safe parameter? A wall painted using any other color will not allow your kids to have fun painting!

So don’t be afraid of the color white: think outside the box and use it in your home for a fresh, clean approach to home design.

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