Photo by Home Estaging

Home staging is all about making your home look its best so it will appeal to any potential buyers as possible. It’s all about making your home looks its brightest, biggest, cleanest and warmest so that anyone that comes through your door will be able to see themselves living there. There are many professionals that you can pay to carry out your home staging, but here are a few simple tips to help do it yourself:


This is probably the most important rule to remember. Clutter makes your home look cramped and dark, and you want potential buyers to see how bright, airy and large your home is. Start by removing furniture such as oversized armchairs or occasional tables that you don’t use and work backwards from there. You might feel your home looks too bare, but remember that this is designed to make the house appeal to someone else, and you want buyers to see just how much space there is.

Define your space

Create a clearly defined usage for each area of the home; you might eat on the go or at the kitchen table most of the time, but make sure there is a dining area with a table and chairs to demonstrate that this is how the space can be used. Show that there are different areas for a family den and a more formal living room, and instead of using the spare bedroom as a storage space, make a few changes to turn it into a study or sewing room. It’s all about showing that your home is a flexible environment that can work for any buyer’s needs.


Sometimes you need to bite the bullet and do some redecorating before opening your home to potential buyers. Bolder colors that you love may not suit many buyers’ tastes, and dark colors will make rooms seem dark and cramped. A simple coat of paint will remedy these problems, so get stuck in!

Remove personal objects

This may seem harsh, but having too many family photos and kids’ drawings on the refrigerator can feel like clutter and will be distracting for a buyer. A few well placed photos around the home will create a friendly, family feeling without being too overbearing. Also remove anything that overtly states an opinion; a picture, poster, or even fridge magnet that is humorous to you may be offensive to a potential buyer. The same goes with anything overly religious or political.

Create a mood

There are many small details that can create a great mood in your home. How about some fresh cut flowers in the living room or entrance hall for a memorable first impression? Some well placed lamps will create a warmer light than bright overhead bulbs, and lots of soft fabrics and throws on furniture will give your home a nice, cozy aura. Adding some fancy soaps and scented candles to the bathroom gives a contemporary, luxury feel to an ordinary family bathroom.

So although it may feel like you’re stripping your home of your personal touch, following these steps for home staging mean you will appeal to as many buyers as possible – and anything that helps you get a quick sale and a  good price can only be a good thing!