how to interview contractors

How to Interview Contractors

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The single most important decision you will make during your remodel is which contractor to hire.  Making a good plan as to how to interview contractors is an important step to being able to select between the 3  or more contractors that you will meet with to ensure your hire the the best for your project.

How to Interview Contractors

Below is a link to a list of questions and a script that you can use when you interview contractors.  Most important is to be thorough in your questions and make a note of all the answers and responses and be consistent with the questions that you ask.  If you are consistent then it will be much easier to make an informed decision about which contractor to hire.

This video may be helpful to show an interview from the contractor’s perspective.

It may seem counterintuitive but when you are interviewing a contractor do not start by positioning you or your project like you are negotiating to buy a car.  Buying a car is very different than selecting and hiring a contractor.  When you buy a car the dealer wants to sell the car and it is very clear what the car is and is not. Regardless of your behaviour and attitude the car salesman will sell you the car if you will pay their price.  Dealing with a contractor is about creating a collaborative relationship – and letting THE CONTRACTOR size you up and decide if they want to work with YOU!

So instead of getting right to the price and giving them a low ball price to begin negotiations be totally honest with what you think it will cost and what you are willing to pay. If price is important it is fine to tell them that but no one can quote accurate costs during the first interview so build a relationship first THEN work on getting the price you want by collaborating with the contractor instead of negotiating.