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A common complaint for new homeowners is that the kitchen is inadequate for their needs. This is especially true in older houses that tend to have much smaller kitchens that are located further away from the main living areas, which is a contrast to the airy, open plan kitchens that modern homeowners desire. Building a kitchen addition or carrying out a full remodel gives you a great opportunity to create the kitchen of your dreams, and having an efficient layout will make your new kitchen perfect for your needs.

Every kitchen designer knows that you start with a ‘work triangle’ – the three main points of a kitchen denoted by the fridge, sink and stove. Make sure that these three are within easy reach of each other with no obstacles in the way. If you start with this base, you’ll ensure that you have the most efficient kitchen layout.

Ideally there should be a countertop in between each of these points to create separate work areas for preparing, cooking and cleaning. This creates defined areas for different activities, helping the kitchen to stay organized and tidy. Preventing overlaps between each area also creates a more hygienic food preparation environment.

Thinking about household traffic is also important. As the kitchen is the heart of the home, family members and visitors tend to be in and out a lot of the time. If people are going to stay in the kitchen as you cook, incorporate a breakfast bar with some stools or a table and chairs so that there is a defined social space away from the main cooking area. That way, you can be sociable without other people getting in the way.  If there is a main thoroughfare through your kitchen, try to plan your remodel so that there is a straight line of traffic away from food preparation areas.

If you follow this basic plan, you’ll find that you can create a free-flowing space that is organized and efficient yet social and friendly.  You can read more great kitchen design ideas here.