No matter what your reason for adding a room to your home, it helps to know how to save big on the cost of a room addition. There are many ways to reduce remodeling and home additions costs. You might decide to do some of the work yourself, or you might choose to manage the room addition. You might be a terrific shopper who knows where to find bargains on materials. But there is another way to approach a home addition that will save time, money, and mess.
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One of the reasons many people give for not wanting to remodel or add rooms to their home is the mess of the construction. There is always a certain amount of chaos and mess while an addition is being built. And there is the mess of cutting an access from the existing home to the new addition.
If you are managing the project yourself, you will be dealing with several sub-contractors – plumber, electrician – and possibly with several work crews. And while you are managing all of these people, you are also trying to manage costs.
An alternative to building your addition on site, which also costs a lot less, is to purchase a modular addition. It will reduce the amount of time there is construction on your property by as much as 75%, and it will reduce the stress and headaches of having construction going on for several months. A modular addition is also how to save big on the cost of a room addition.
The biggest difference between a stick-built addition and buying a modular addition is that the modular room is built in a factory and delivered to your property. You will be in control of the design and specifications of the addition. But it will be built in a factory, complete with wiring, plumbing, insulation, roof, walls and everything. Once it is delivered, your contractor will make it airtight and connect wiring, plumbing, etc. to your home.
It is very easy to think of a trailer when someone mentions a modular structure. But this is not what is produced. Manufacturers of modular additions (and complete houses) now produce very high quality, custom designed, high-end products. Because they build to your specifications, they use the same materials and meet the same structural requirements as building on site. 101 Ways to Save Money When by by Dan Fritschen
Modular additions must also be constructed and placed on the site according to the same local building codes and zoning requirements as if the addition was built by a local contractor.  Most modular additions today are built to the same standards of quality in materials and workmanship as most local average construction jobs. They are not of the same quality as what would be built by the very best local builders and craftsmen. But if you are trying to expand your home with an average addition, modular units should meet your needs.
How much will you save on the cost of the addition? If you live reasonably close to a manufacturer of modular units, you can probably expect to save 15-20% of the cost of a stick-built addition.
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Evaluate carefully if a modular addition will meet your needs and your budget. If you want to know how to save big on the cost of a room addition, this might be an option for you.