Photo by Carol Mitchell

Keeping track of a major home remodeling project can be a bit of a nightmare; with so many people to keep track of, so many decisions to be made and having to keep everyone informed can be quite stressful. But a tool such as Basecamp can help you manage your project more easily.

Basecamp is an online hub for your entire project. It allows you to display all the relevant details of the work being done and you can invite any number of people to access it – from family members to designers and contractors. There’s a place for discussion and feedback, online to-do lists which can be ticked off as tasks are completed, and a Dropbox style area for uploading and sharing files. You can upload almost any file type, whether it is a JPEG image, PDF file or Excel spreadsheet.

One of the most useful features is the virtual calendar. This means that you, your family, your designers and all your various contractors can easily coordinate schedules so you can plan work when it’s convenient for everybody.

You can even use it for multiple projects; so if you have one team remodeling the bathroom while another remodels the kitchen, you can separate the two projects while still being able to access them in one place. Each worker on the project has their own personal page where you can see exactly what they’re working on and receive an update as soon as it is completed.

Basecamp also creates daily reports, so even if someone involved in the project doesn’t keep up to date every day they can still see at a glance how it is progressing.

Basecamp really is an appropriate term for this software; it’s a place where everyone involved can come together and remain up to date on what’s happening on a project, then share their thoughts and suggest new ideas.  It’s user-friendly and very easy to use, meaning that your remodeling project will go as smoothly as possible.