Photo by Craigslist

Craigslist is a local listings website that can be a great help when you start a remodeling project.

Craigslist contains listings for most major towns and cities, advertising things such as rooms to rent, houses to buy, job vacancies, work wanted, items for sale and items to give away. This makes it a very effective one-stop tool for sourcing help with your remodel.

When you are in the very early stages of a remodel, you’ll need to start searching for contractors to carry out your work. This can be a difficult task because you want to find architects, designers and tradespeople that share your vision and will do the job to your personal satisfaction. At the same time, you also want to get as cheap a quote as possible and want to avoid being ripped-off. Craiglist contains listings for hundreds of remodeling professionals in your local area. As well as basic information about the services they provide, most postings will also contain links to further information such as a website or online portfolio. That way you can browse through examples of a contractor’s previous work and read testimonials, which makes it easier to find a contractor that suits you. Because Craigslist only contains local listings, you’re also more likely to find smaller companies that offer more affordable quotes than bigger companies.

The buy and sell pages on Craigslist can be a goldmine for affordable furniture, fixtures and fittings. Many people carrying out house clearances or embarking on extensive remodels will have a lot of belongings that are no use to them, but are also in good condition and they don’t want to throw them away. Items for sale on Craigslist are often listed very cheaply and there are plenty of ‘freecycle’ listings too – items that are free to anyone that can pick them up and take them away. If you are the one remodeling and you have a lot to get rid of, Craigslist is a great way to do this as posting a listing is free and you’re bound to get a quick response from potential buyers.

There are even houses and apartments for sale on Craigslist if you truly want to cut out the middle man!

Unfortunately with any online transaction there are dangers; be sure to never give too many personal details out in messages or listings, and never hand over bank or credit card details. If you’re purchasing items, arrange to go and view them to make sure whatever you’re buying is in good enough condition for your purpose.

Whether you’re looking for furniture or contractors, by exploring Craigslist, you’re sure to find invaluable free help with your remodel