Photo by Ivan Walsh

The hard part of any remodeling project is the organization factor: no matter how hard we try, our office space (if we’re lucky enough to have one!) ends up as a mass of untidy scraps of paper. This makes it impossible to locate your diary, a vital invoice, the name of a good contractor somebody recommended, or the cell number for the emergency repairman. Not to mention the hundreds of pages of magazine clippings and articles meant to give you inspiration for your mood board! Anything that can digitize this process and help your remodel run more smoothly should be welcomed, and one way to do this is with Evernote.

Evernote acts as a virtual workspace. With Evernote you can write notes, paste text, record audio, save webpages and paste images all in one place. This means it is a pinboard, scrapbook, Dictaphone, post-it note and diary all in one – and what’s more, entirely paperless! Evernote can also be used on the go as it can be synced with your SmartPhone, iPad and laptop.

A remodel is a chaotic time, especially in the planning phase where it can feel like you have to keep a hundred plates spinning at once. But with Evernote you can store all your thoughts in one easily accessible place without having to think about it too hard in advance. Suddenly had an idea and don’t have a pen to hand? Quickly record an audio message to yourself, the same way you would with a Dictaphone. Have to quickly scrawl down a name and phone number? Do it in Evernote without worrying about losing that scrap of paper. Found a webpage you want to save for later? Paste it into Evernote and retrieve it when you have time to look at it properly.

And don’t worry about any pieces of paper you already have – these can be easily faxed or scanned and uploaded onto the Evernote program.

So say goodbye to that cluttered, overflowing desk covered in plaster dust – let Evernote help you stay organized during your remodeling project.