Keep track of your project with Google Docs. Photo by Helen M. Overland

Taking on a large home remodeling project can be a bit of a headache! If it’s an extensive home addition, there’s a lot to stay on top of; costs, schedules, contractors, designers…as well as keeping your own family up and running to the best of your ability!

There’s a few tools you can use to help you organize your life during the chaos that are easy to use and will aid organization immensely. One of the best tools to help you keep track of everything right from the planning phase is Google Docs.

What Is It?

Google Docs acts as a virtual creative lounge where you can get together with all your contractors, designers and even family members to get your ideas down on paper.

Google Docs is the collective name for a whole range of software that lets you store and share files quickly, easily and totally free on the internet. These files can then be accessed, read and edited at any time by a number of people. The great thing about this is that there’s no need to keep editing, saving and emailing files back and forth. Nothing gets lost in the shuffle as everyone concerned with the information will receive it and can access it whenever they need to.

Google Docs are also compatible with most software, so you can convert existing word files or spreadsheets into a Google Doc and vice versa.


Throughout your project, good communication with all concerned parties is key. During the design phase, costs and schedules can change hundreds of times. You can stay on top of them all with a Google Docs spreadsheet that you can share between anyone that needs to know about it. If you’re home working with the designer and need to double-check some information with your partner who’s at work, you can simply edit the document and they can view it wherever they are.

On Time and On Budget

Later in the project when you need to carefully coordinate schedules, you can make sure everyone from plasterers to electricians to decorators can see and approve the dates and times when they need to be on-site.

One of the most common problems during a home remodel is going over-budget. Update your Google Doc as soon as there are changes to what you’re spending so everyone can keep track of your expenditure more easily. That way you, and your bank manager, will avoid any nasty surprises!

Google Docs can be used by anybody. If you have a project manager or are living off-site during a project, they are a great way to stay in the loop and keep track of what’s going on. This will make your whole operation run much more smoothly!