Photo by Thomas D

When you decide to embark on a remodelling project, your head is filled with inspiration and dream home ideas. The next stage, where you take some measurements and realize that you don’t have the space for a sunken whirlpool tub and walk in rain-style shower in your bathroom, can be a slight let-down. But by using software such as Homestyler, you can easily map the dimensions of your remodel and see in 3-D how everything can fit together before you get too carried away!

It can be hard to visualize a remodeled room without a set of drawings, and employing an architect or interior designer to do this can be expensive and time consuming. With Homestyler, you can do it yourself.

To create a new design, you can start by picking from a number of ready-made templates for spaces such as a square room, L-shaped room and so on. You can then add special features such as curved walls and bay windows, or if you have a very irregular shape you can select the free drawing option.

Once you have the basic room design, you can add doors and windows using a simple drag and drop tool. There’s a wide range to choose from, or you can customize your own to make your design more closely resemble the existing room or the design you want. When you’re satisfied with the basic layout of the room, you can switch to a handy 3-D view to paint the walls, choose the flooring and even hang pieces of art on the wall.

Furnishing the room is then as simple as selecting from the wide range of furniture on the drop down list, helpfully organized by room type. Again, you can custom design furniture as well as add dimensions for pieces that may differ from standard sizes.

Homestyler is a basic, easy to use program that provides invaluable assistance in the early stages of a remodeling project. You can save each design so you can go back and see which one you like best at a later stage, or email the results to friends, family and even designers, contractors or architects.

For a completely free and amazingly easy way to start planning your remodeling project, check out Homestyler and you’ll be creating out the remodel of your dreams in no time.