Photo by Carol Mitchell

When you want to remodel and redecorate your home it can be difficult to know where to begin. There’s so much inspiration all around us, from the homes of friends to the places we socialize and the constant barrage of beautiful home interiors shown in films and television.

The first place we normally start is with a huge pile of design magazines, but looking through them all takes a lot of time and dedication! However, there is a handy online resource that allows you to access thousands of design ideas, get in contact with the best designers and contractors in your area as well as get support and swap stories with other homeowners:

The site was first launched in February 2009 by husband and wife Alon Cohen and Adi Tatarko for precisely the reasons detailed above: they were sick of endlessly cutting out design ideas from magazines during their own home remodeling project, so decided to build an online reference site full of helpful photos. From small beginnings, the site now contains over 500,000 photos and has a directory of over 1 million professional contractors and designers that you can contact to enquire about jobs.

Houzz has also launched an ipad app so you can access their resources on the move. And far from being simply a resource for lots of pretty pictures (although the pictures are admittedly very pretty!), Houzz contains an extensive library of articles written by professionals across all fields of home improvement. That way you’ll always be well informed before making any decisions about remodeling your home.

One of the best features of the site is the user forum. The stresses and strains of a major remodeling project can make you feel very isolated, so having a whole community of fellow remodelers can provide much needed support during this period of upheaval. It’s also a great way to get reliable recommendations for contractors in your area, eliminating the worries of hiring someone you have no experience of working with.

Sites such as Houzz provide a convenient way to access a range of different design ideas, from photographs to expert advice, as well as a much needed support network; so put down those magazines today and begin your search online!