Photo by M. Caimary

Good organization is the key to a successful remodel. If you’re overseeing your remodeling project yourself, then you need to make sure you have everything planned to the last detail to avoid any disasters! Keeping all your important documents up to date and arranged in one place is vital, as well as keeping track of dates, schedules and deadlines. It’s tempting to scrawl these important pieces of information in a personal diary or on the family calendar hanging in the kitchen, but one of the best ways to keep on top of your schedule with iCal.

iCal is the shortened term for Apple’s Calendar program. At its most basic level, it allows you to enter all your important dates and times so you can see them right there on your computer desktop – meaning that you’ll always have you schedule in front of you and won’t miss anything. Day, week and month views mean you can see day to day schedules as well as long term progress on a project. You can also set alarms and alerts through a range of media, such as SMS, email and pager.

When you set up iCal, you can automatically sync it to your Google or Yahoo account so that all your events on there are entered into your new calendar instantly, conveniently storing all your important information in one place.

Another great thing is that you can also create separate calendars for family, work, or ongoing projects such as your home remodel. Others can subscribe to your calendar and you can subscribe to someone else’s to ensure that your schedules are in sync. This helps greatly with your planning as you can make sure your schedules do not clash and you can plan around someone else’s availability.

iCal is also compatible with iCloud which means you can sync it for use on your iPad and iPhone – so you can keep track on the move wherever you are.

Keeping your remodeling project on time and on schedule is a daunting task that can be difficult to execute – but with iCal your remodel is bound to run much more smoothly!