OneNote photo by Carl Lacey

OneNote is piece of Microsoft Office software that allows you to write or paste text, insert pictures and videos as well as create tables in a digital notebook.

This tool is great for gathering ideas and inspiration for your remodelling project, especially in the early stages. Inspiration comes in many forms, so an article here, a picture there and some rough notes about them both can be essential to creating your vision. You can share these pages with any number of people who can also look at images, make revisions to your text and leave their own notes on what they find there.

It might sound like a chaotic way to store information, but OneNote has a built in search feature that allows you to find what you’re looking for quickly. It can also search pasted text and images for phrases you think are relevant.

And there’s no possibility of losing your work as OneNote automatically saves everything placed there.

OneNote is great for the early stages of a big remodelling project. Instead of having to have everyone involved gathered in one place, you can send your ideas all over the world and get feedback straight away. And it’s likely that you’ll have spent months or possibly years cutting out clippings from magazines, receiving emails from contractors and saving webpages with design ideas – and instead of having to search back through piles of paper, or trawl through your inbox, you can put them all in one place and access them quickly and easily. This allows you to create an interactive mood board and organizes the early stages of your remodel.

And it’s perfect for when you get those flashes of inspiration on the move as it’s also available as an iphone and ipad app, so you can note something down and come back to it later.