Instead of sitting down with piles of home interior design magazines and spending hours cutting out clippings like you used to in the old days, there is a wealth of tools online that will help you get inspiration for your remodeling project and help keep all your virtual clippings in one place.

Pinterest is the latest internet phenomenon where its power can be harnessed to help you with your remodeling project.

Pinterest is a mix between a social network and a blogging site. The basic idea is that you can post pictures on your own personal page and share them with other people. They can then repost pictures of yours that they like on to their own pages. You can follow other people whose posts you like and they can also follow you.

It’s called Pinterest because it acts as a personal pinboard. You can create boards for different subjects and ‘pin’ various pictures to them. So in the case of a remodeling project, you can create one board called ‘kitchen’, another called ‘Living Room’ and so on. This helps you to organize all your pins into easily accessible categories.

There’s also a handy search feature, so if you’re looking for bathroom design ideas, you simply type it in and every board or pin to do with bathrooms will appear. Browse through the pictures and with one click you can pin the ones you like to your own board.

Pinterest is excellent for searching for design ideas as there’s a wealth of fellow homeowners, designers and contractors posting on there. This allows you to access all sorts of inspirational ideas, from people’s personal home remodels to grand, high-concept design ideas.

Pinterest is also a great way to gather your ideas and keep them all in one place – thereby dispensing with the traditional bulging document wallet full of scraps of paper! By creating your own virtual mood board before you get started on your project, you can share your vision easily with anyone else involved with the remodel – whether it is family members, designers, architects or contractors – and make sure you get exactly the results you want.

Check out Remodel or Move’s Pinterest page for some great design ideas to add to your own pinboard.