I think the word hate is a bit strong. Maybe “I am frustrated with bi-fold doors” would be a better title, but in either case, bi-fold doors aren’t for me. I have installed them over and over in hall and bedroom closets and generally get the same results, over time they start coming off the tracks and they become difficult to open and close.

Maybe there is a brand that has the track problem solved, but for the ones I have used, they do not have enough support to keep them attached to the overhead track and eventually the door glide begins popping out of the tracks.

Another problem with bi-fold doors is the feel when you pull on the handle to open them. What I have found is that the handle is placed in the middle of the outer panel. It is done for aesthetic reasons, but this isn’t far enough from the hinge to give much leverage when you go to open the door. Hence, the door does not open smoothly or easily.

So what to do? For closet openings from 2 to 4 feet, two standard doors will require just a bit more room to open than a bi-fold door, so go with the standard doors. If the closet opening is more than 4 feet wide, you can still use two standard doors, but the  room they need to swing open is much more, so this may not work in your room. You could try sliding doors, but they too have their problems. In this case, I think bi-fold doors are a good choice. I would recommend, however, spending the extra $100 or more to get the best quality hardware you can, to avoid the common problems.