There are several ways to create storage areas in your bathroom if you give up your linen

tile bathroom

Bathroom tiled with earth tone tiles


If you have a large bathroom, you might use either a larger vanity with extra storage space or an appropriately sized piece of furniture for storage.

Another option is to reallocate part of a closet in the bedroom for linens.

Yet another option is to make creative use of walls to design storage areas. For example, you might cut a new storage area in a wall and frame it out as you would a medicine cabinet. Then you could either put a door on it, or just leave it open. This space might seem somewhat shallow, but washcloths and towels can be folded differently to fit in the space or it could be used for toiletries.

In a small bathroom, cutting space in the wall can be a very good option. In fact, you might consider one area near the tub or shower for bath towels or sheets and another near the vanity or the sink for hand towels and washcloths.

Still another option is to use clear glass shelves attached to the walls where you stack linens.

With a little creativity, you can come up with a number of workable solutions to your storage needs.